Mikasa Vibration Roller MRH-601 DS

Mikasa Vibration Roller MRH-601 DS

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Mikasa vibration roller use hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor drive systems for precise navigation and easy maintenance. Standard equipment: Front safety bumpers, working of light, plastic water tank, center cover, deadman safety lever, hydraulic oil and fuel gauge and double vibration system.

Model MRH-601 DS (Water cooled)
Dimensions H: 1,195mm; W: 692mm; L: 2,265mm; WT: 551kg
Drum Size Dia: 355mm; Width: 650mm
Vibrating Frequency 55Hz (3,300 V.P.M)
Centrifugal Force 10.8kN (1,100kgf)
Traveling Speed 0-3km/h
Limited grade-ability 35%
Water tank (lits) 30
Power source Kubota diesel EA330 electric start max. output 4.6kW (6.3PS)

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