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Founded in 1967, Daewoo Industry has played a leading role in South Korea’s economic development. In fact, the company is number one on the high-tech market in terms of production and marketing.

In 1982 the company was renamed Daewoo Corporation and started its international expansion and development of new projects around the world.

In December, 2000, Daewoo International Corporation was split off from the Daewoo Corporation, specializing in international trade and project management, and international market research. The company took the lead in the steel, chemical and research industries of the global economy. In 2010 Daewoo International Corporation was incorporated into the POSCO Group, the largest steel-making company in existence.

Today, Daewoo International has more than 100 international subsidiaries and branches all over the world. It successfully works with small entities as well as with international majors, offering a wide range of steel and chemical goods, cars and consumer electronics with a perfect price-quality ratio, which in layman’s terms means high quality at affordable prices.


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